What is Yokai Kingdom?

A fun-first, own what you earn, inclusive gaming experience for all!

Welcome to Yokai Kingdom!

Yokai Kingdom is an indie gaming startup integrating innovative new blockchain technologies with quality indie game development, to deliver rich, narrative-led experiences and... FUN 😊
Our inaugural title is Oni's Quest: a lore-rich, Roguelike Deckbuilder card game, inspired by Japanese mythology where players test their skills and strategy. Every journey is procedurally generated so no two play-throughs will be the same.
But how is this unique? By using blockchain technologies, anybody can now earn and own in-game digital assets, simply by playing the game. With traditional gaming ecosystems, in-game items - be they purchased by the player or unlocked through playing - can never be transferred or sold. You don't truly own them. Out-grown that epic sword you purchased or spent days (maybe weeks) grinding for? Too bad! We believe that gamers deserve better than this. Instead, in Oni's Quest, players will have the freedom to keep, gift or trade any of the in-game digital assets they own with other players.

Our Vision

What is our Goal?

Our goal is to create a fun, engaging, indie gaming experience, with strong story-telling at the forefront and utilizing the most modern developing internet technologies to develop exciting new and ever-evolving ways for players to engage with Yokai Kingdom's gaming universe.

Who is 'Yokai Kingdom'?

The Yokai Kingdom team is a core group of devoted gaming enthusiasts and indie developers who are dedicated to realizing the goal of Yokai Kingdom, creating an innovative new gaming experience for the indie gaming community to enjoy.
The Yokai Kingdom community is a passionate and supportive group of people from all over the world who come together around our common vision and values of fun and inclusivity.

What are our Values?

At Yokai Kingdom, we advocate and stay true to our core values so the community knows exactly how the team operates and what they can expect:
Fun-First Our focus is on delivering a gaming experience with the highest entertainment value possible, staying true to classic gaming culture, best-in-class player experience, and the spirit of fun.
Narrative-led Story-telling is as old as humankind and is what helps create bridges and understanding between us all.
Community By the people, for the people - by being a project for everyone to enjoy, it is important that we support a strong, inclusive community while rewarding supporters and onboarding new players. If you are here and want to be apart of our community, then you already are!
Inclusivity Being open to anyone, we are committed to creating entertainment for everyone. We are doing so not just by welcoming all types of players, but by having Free-to-Play entertainment so that there are NO barriers to fun, while giving players the ability to scale up their experience how they wish.
Transparency Being player-oriented, we value our community's opinions. This is why we are open with our plans and provide frequent content and holistic progress updates to our valued supporters.
Innovation Integrating the latest web-based technologies, we are pushing the status quo of how players can engage with our entertainment ecosystem, expanding how people can interact and play beyond the conventional limits of user experience.