🦸Heroes of Geoda

Legendary warriors sworn to protect Geoda, sealed away by an evil curse...

The Heroes of Geoda, the finest warriors these isles have to offer from each of the four clans.

Despite whatever politics or feuds between the citizens of Geoda may be at play, these heroes have always risen to defend Geoda for the greater good in its time of need.

When the Worlokk of the Void invaded Geoda, it was these Heroes from each of the four classes who defended the isles from the evil yōkai and drove back the Worlokk. However, swearing to one day return and wreak his vengence once again, the Worlokk of the Void cast a terrible curse on the Heroes, trapping them inside golden idols and in a bitter twist: turning them into Oni, one of the fiercest yōkai that they swore to protect Geoda against.

Now, with the Worlokk of the Void returning once more with a new army of yōkai, the Heroes of Geoda are awakened to defend Geoda once again.

Will the Heroes of Geoda succeed? Can they break the Oni curse and return to their human forms?

And do you have what it takes to be among their ranks?

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