The token economy ecosystem that supports Yokai Kingdom assets

Token distribution

The staking phase is now closed! Earn $YOH by playing Oni's Quest
Staking was launched in February 2022 for holders of the Genesis Collection, in order to create the initial distribution of the $YOH utility token. Holders of Yokai Kingdom Genesis collectibles were able to stake them via a smart contract to receive a daily yield of the $YOH token over time.
The staking phase has now ended. As of October 2022, any holders who still have their collectibles staked will be slowly losing 0.813% of their total claimable $YOH until it reaches 0 by January 1st, 2023. This measure was intended to cap the max supply of circulating $YOH in order to finalize the in-game tokenomics and reward system for Oni's Quest.
Important: The $YOH token has no intended, assumed or inherent value (1 YOH = 1 YOH). It is for use only as an 'in-game' currency mechanism with no real-world value outside of the Yokai Kingdom 'metaverse'. Please see our full Terms & Conditions.