The Token ($YOH)

Our utility token, used to power the gameplay-oriented rewards ecosystem
$YOH is an in-game, utility token native to the Yokai Kingdom ecosystem.
It is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, utilizing this decentralized medium for players to transact with this utility token freely, while retaining full digital ownership.
The philosophy behind the Yokai Kingdom gaming ecosystem is that players have genuine sovereignty over their own digital collectables and any $YOH that they may accrue by playing the game.
Why is this important?
Virtually everything that we think we own is actually in the possession and control of somebody else. When it comes to gaming, it is the studio that holds your profile on their servers and can change the data as they please. We are putting the control in the players hands by using tokenization to ensure that no one can devalue your time and energy by changing the data of your digital collectibles, "printing" more, or moving around anything in your account.
Your progress, including earned $YOH, loadout items, and Genesis Heroes, are uniquely yours!
Important: The $YOH token has no intended, assumed or inherent value (1 YOH = 1 YOH). It is for use only as an 'in-game' currency mechanism with no real-world value outside of the Yokai Kingdom 'metaverse'. Please see our full Terms & Conditions.


Digital representation of something, secured by consensus protocol of the blockchain the token is encoded on.
Ethereum Request for Comment 20 - A type of fungible digital token on the Ethereum blockchain used in smart contract transactions.
The official ERC-20 utility token of Yokai Kingdom, used in all transactions within the gaming ecosystem by players for rewards.
Derived from 'token' and 'economics', referring to the management of a tokens value relative to the use-cases it is transacted for.
A decentralized, autonomous digital ledger technology ensuring genuine ownership of digital items, used for digital transactions.
A popular layer 1 blockchain, using the digital currency $ETH, to secure transactions using a proof-of-stake model.
Layer 2 (L2)
Refers to secondary blockchain built on a primary (layer 1) blockchain such as Ethereum, used to improve speed and reduce fees.
Autonomous, independent, and incapable of control or modification a singular party.