Positive or negative effects that can be applied or incurred during combat

Your hero and their enemies can all be affected by different status conditions. These effects can be positive ('Buffs') or negative ('Debuffs').

Buffs are typically acquired via Power deck cards and powerful loadout items, while debuffs (along with curses) are usually the result of attacks by Enemies.

Some statuses last until the end of each battle (typically if they were applied as the result of a power card), while others may increase or decrease each turn.


Buff statusSummary of Effect


Increase the size of your hand by 1 for remainder of this battle

All or nothing

Gain additional MANA but also a WOUND curse card at the start of your turn, until the end of the battle


At the end of your turn, gain Block

Battle Trance

Your next card(s) are played twice this turn


Regain HP equal to your Blessing stack at the end of this battle

Blade Master

Increase your CRITICAL CHANCE percentage and CRITICAL DAMAGE. While this status is active, each subsequent attack card played will also increase CRITICAL CHANCE by 10%, but each skill card played will reduce it by 10%


Each time you defeat an enemy this battle, gain Strength equal to your CHIKARA stack

Critical chance

This is the percentage chance of an attack card doing additional critical damage

Critical damage

If you land a critical with an attack card, do additional damage equal to your critical damage percentage

Defensive stance

Block is not removed at the end of your turn


Ignore the next debuff you would receive from an enemy. Your deflect stack value decreases each time this is triggered


Gain block every time you play a card


Each time you take damage to your health, gain STRENGTH equal to your enraged stack value.


Each time you gain BLOCK from a card, add your EVADE stack to your block as well

Flame Barrier

Whenever you are attacked, apply Fire to the attacker

Gut punch

Draw 2 additional cards next turn


Next turn, gain additional Mana


Take no damage while INVINCIBILITY is active

Light Footed

Gain Block at the start of next turn


Gain health at the end of your turn


If an enemy attack deals damage to HP, then apply Poison to the attacker


Whenever you discard a card, draw a new one

Shadow Strike

On your next turn, all attacks do double damage

Shield Hand

Gain block equal to your hand size at the end of your turn


For each attack card you play this turn, gain BLOCK equal to your STEADFAST stack


Your attacks do more damage


At the start of your turn, deal damage to all enemies


Whenever you gain Block, do damage to a random enemy


Debuff statusSummary of Effect


Draw one less card at the start of your turn


Take damage equal to the fire stack


Temporary Debuff. Damage from attacks is reduced by the value of the Frostbite stack. Frostbite is cleared at the start of next turn


Take damage equal to the poison stack, direct to health (HP); Ignores Armor


Unable to perform any actions this turn


Your attacks deal 25% less damage


Receive 50% more damage from attacks

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