The Isle of Geoda is home of the Yokai Kingdom and the setting for Oni's Quest.

Geoda is where Oni's Quest takes place. This nation draws from deep Japanese mythology for inspiration, creating a lore-rich world full of kami and yōkai to experience. Shaped by the vision of international artist Geo Law, Geoda brings together deep mythology and classic inspirations from understanding the natural world, brought to life through Geo's unique artistic hand-drawn style.

During Oni's Quest, you will have to unlock each progressively harder region in order to complete their quest. Each region is home to a diverse and unique ecosystem full of different yōkai, encounters and Bosses to experience, culminating in an epic battle with the Worlokk of the Void.

The Isle of Geoda is separated by five regions:


Kami Coast

The first region, a coastline now battlefield, where the defeated are reclaimed by the sea. Kami Coast yōkai make up the outermost ring around the continent. Geoda being an isle, many coastal settlements and fisheries have lined the shores.

The water-dwelling yōkai terrorize villages and threaten civilian livelihoods, sewing chaos across Geoda's people. Expect to meet creatures such as Kappa, Kawa Akago, Garrapa, Honengyo, Kawahime, and more...

Forgotten Forest

Forgotten Forest yōkai have reclaimed temples and vilages, now overgrown. These yōkai ambush those foolish enough to venture amongst the trees, their viscera making good fertilizer for the forest.

Dense trees and overgrowth mask unseen lurking dangers as Uwabami, Okiku Mushi, Onikuma, Nomori, Hoko, and Hannya prowl its dark depths.

Broken Plains

The third region, vast fields of gold covered in rolling mists... and nowhere to hide! Broken Plains yōkai tend to have an otherworldly aura about them, living amongst the mists.

Because the Broken Plains were the site of many conflicts, the energies of grief and despair have seemingly invigorated the yōkai that live here. Traversing these plains is a sure death sentence for any unprepared, and most who are. Gashadokuro, Wa nyudo, Kasha, Onmoraki, Kuro Bozo, Yamajiji, and more lie in sinister wait.

Thunder Mountains

The fourth region, rugged mountainous terrain almost alone as lethal as the battles ahead.

Thunder Mountain yōkai are vicious and resilient, as needed to survive in this merciless terrain. Most foes don't stand a chance against these yōkai, barely able to manage the crumbling mountain pass let alone engage in grueling combat. You will have to face Kidomaru, Kijo, Kaze No Kami, Raiju, Yamabiko, and Yama Orabi if you hope to make it to final stage of your quest.

Spirit Mountain

The fifth region, home to the Worlokk of the Void and his undead personal guard. Here you will face the final battle and the crescendo of Oni's Quest, as you hope to lift the Worlokk's curse.

Spirit Mountain yōkai are the most mysterious, powerful, and dangerous of all. They guard the innermost forces of the Void Army and the Worlokk of the Void themselves. Few have ever seen these yōkai, fewer still survived to speak about them.

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