Geoda is full of all types of yōkai and kami for you to meet! However, not all of them are friendly. Actually, most of them aren't friendly to be honest...

The enemies you face are yōkai that have been corrupted by the Worlokk of the Void, absorbed into the Void's army who are bent on taking over Geoda. These are the sworn enemies of the Heroes of Geoda, devoted to protecting their home from these yōkai despite they themselves having being cursed to take on the form of Oni.

There are three types of enemies you will face:

Common Encounters Common enemies make up the majority of combat encounters, dotted all across the World Map for the player to traverse. Common encounters can also arise from some Mystery Encounters, where anything is possible.

Elite Encounters Combat encounters with Elites, more powerful versions of some select Common enemies. These encounters challenge the player but offer greater rewards. You will have to decide whether you take pathways that lead towards these Elites or avoid them - risk versus reward.

Boss Encounters Bosses are at the end of each Region, a very powerful enemy that the player must defeat to move on to the next Region of Oni's Quest. Each region has their own unique bosses you can encounter at the end of that region, but all are formidable foes that are not to be taken lightly. These are certainly the most difficult encounters so prepare well Oni!

Tip: Combat encounters are found on the Region Map, so choose your route accordingly!

Some of the enemies you can expect to encounter...

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