We have covered what our utility token is, now what are its actual use-cases?
Utility refers to the functions, or usability, of the token and what it can be used for.
The core utility for $YOH is transactibility with digital collectibles and bonus in-game opportunities for the player. This may include spending $YOH on additional playthroughs, crafting to improve ones hero 'loadout' collection, and purchasing in-game Lootboxes for players to expand their collectibles.

What can $YOH be used for?

The use-cases for $YOH will evolve and expand with the growth of the Yokai Kingdom brand. Currently, the utility for $YOH is centered around our gaming ecosystem and Oni's Quest.
Lootboxes Full of gear to be equipped by your Heroes, these can be purchased with $YOH and opened to receive Loadout digital collectibles that are usable in-game to give you that extra edge.
Crafting Not all gear is crafted the same. Use Crafting to create rarer, more powerful loadout items. For example, if you have several Common Katana weapons, you can combine them to create a Rare Katana by burning the extra Common duplicates and spending some $YOH.
Additional Playthroughs Each play-through attempt will tire out (aka 'Fatigue') your hero(es), so the maximum number of daily attempts per hero held in your account (i.e. web3 wallet) or in the free-to-play mode, will be capped. Players can choose to spend $YOH to 'replenish' heroes' energy and allow them to undertake additional play-through attempts that day.
Important: The $YOH token has no intended, assumed or inherent value (1 YOH = 1 YOH). It is for use only as an 'in-game' currency mechanism with no real-world value outside of the Yokai Kingdom 'metaverse'. Please see our full Terms & Conditions.