A broad overview of Yokai Kingdom's plans for development and delivery.
Important: This is a high level illustration of what we hope to achieve, and as such as all dates and features may be subject to change. Please also see our Terms and Conditions.

Q1. 2022

Genesis Heroes Collection Launch
$YOH Native Utility Token Launch
Genesis Collection Staking phase starts for $YOH (the in-game currency)
Oni's Quest Development starts Work begins on our inaugural game, Oni's Quest.

Q2. 2022

Auctions: 1-of-1 Art + Lore Collection by Geo Law Explore the lore-rich world of Geoda through this custom, one-of-a-kind art collection featuring different elements of the Yokai Kingdom universe. Check out the link under Official Links
Official Trailers Released - "Our Story So Far..." Cinematic Lore Trailer - Official Gameplay Teaser Trailer
Raffles Launched Opportunity for early supporters earning $YOH from staking to spend their tokens on raffle entries for prizes such as more Genesis Hero digital collectibles, portions of spent $YOH, and more subject to each Raffle.

Q4. 2022

Oni's Quest Closed Beta Launch Date Announced The invite-only phase for special members of the community to enjoy the early-access version of the game, from 9th January 2023.

Q1. 2023

Oni's Quest Phase 1: Closed Beta launch (Mac & Windows) Community members will be invited to test the early access version of Oni's Quest, with multiple waves of invites being sent out during this phase.
Interested in joining the beta as well? Then be sure to sign-up to the newsletter on www.yokai-kingdom.com or join the discord for a chance to try it before everyone else.

Q2. 2023

Oni's Quest Phase 2: Public Beta launch (Mac & Windows)

Q3/4. 2023

Oni's Quest Phase 3: Official Launch (Mac & Windows)
Full details of the milestones for the official game launch can be found here: