Oni's Quest Guide

About the Team

Learn about the diverse and talented Yokai Kingdom team behind Oni's Quest

🎮 Development Team

Geo Law – Lead Artist & Graphics Design Geo is an artist and illustrator who's worked in London, New York and Los Angeles. His client list includes the likes of Facebook, Google, Walt Disney Animation Studio, Sumo Digital game studio, Taco Bell, The New York Times and The Washington Post. @getaloadgeo​
Tybalt – Concept Creation & UX Design A UX Strategist and Experience Designer with 20+ years’ experience, for some of the world’s leading companies and brands. As an Applied Psychologist, he also uses behavioral economics to create engaging, gamified experiences. @Tybalt | Yokai Kingdom​
Breadstix – Lead Development & Techie A developer involved within the cryptocurrency space for 5 years who has worked on many projects and most recently, ETH L2 scaling solutions utilising ZkSync. Has also spear-headed work on successful PC game mods for both large AAA titles and smaller games alike.
Extended Team
Tom B. - Senior Visual Designer
Jon S. - Motion Director
Sasha - Sound Designer

🤝 Community

Max W. (Platsy) - Community & Engagement Manager
Wizard - Moderator
Fish - Moderator
Zabiasu - Moderator
Uncle Flo - Moderator