Oni's Quest Guide


Oni's Quest is now in open BETA, giving everyone the chance to try the early access version of the game and heroes
Oni's Quest BETA
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As we head towards the full launch of the game, players will be given the opportunity during the BETA phases to try out and help test the game in progressively evolving, early-access forms.
The adventure starts with the Ninja & Worlokk hero classes
During the initial beta phase, players will get a chance to try out the different hero classes and decks, starting first with the Ninja and Worlokk, with each of the remaining heroes then added at key milestones thereafter.
Once officially launched players will be able to enjoy Oni's Quest in either Free-to-Play mode or with their Genesis Collection heroes.

Game rollout

This is a high-level summary of what to expect between now and the full launch.
Planned phase
Battle through all 5 regions of Geoda as you attempt to defeat the Worlokk of the Void, with the chance to try the first 2 hero classes (Ninka and Worlokk)
✅ Private BETA (Complete)
Official game launcher so you'll always have the latest version (and don't have to download zip files)
✅ Private BETA (Complete)
Try Oni's Quest BETA with the next 2 hero classes (Sohei and Ronin)
Compete for prizes in the BETA high score leaderboard competitions
Visual and technical enhancements such as balance testing, design and animation refinement, etc.
Open BETA (Ongoing)
Testing different class starting stats, additional deck cards and class-specific bonus abilities
Testing XP and Challenges framework
Play using your own Genesis Collection heroes or in 'Free to play' mode
Official Launch
Launch of the Loadout digital collectibles and customizable hero loadouts
After Official Launch
$YOH rewards
After Official Launch
Crafting Loadout digital collectibles for rarer, more powerful items
After Official Launch
Additional game modes and difficulty levels (TBC but anticipated to include features such as 'RAGE!!! mode' and Endless Dungeon Daily Challenges)
After Official Launch