What is Oni's Quest?

Oni's Quest by Yokai Kingdom is a next generation Roguelike Deckbuilder game inspired by ancient Japanese mythology, that combines digital collectibles and challenging, strategic card-based gameplay.
Note: This game is currently in development, and some details are subject to change.

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Key features

Free-to-Play By being Free to Play (F2P), Oni's Quest is entirely accessible and inclusive for all. Holders of our Genesis collection of digital assets however, will also benefit from additional in-game experiences.
True ownership for players All digital collectibles are secured in the player's unique collection, verified through blockchain technology (by using a 'Web3' wallet such as Metamask), so you have full sovereignty over everything you collect and earn. Buy, sell, and trade your collectibles on the open, player-driven economy to collect your favorite items to suit you and your in-game strategy.
Tactical turn-based combat Create powerful synergies and strategies to overcome your enemies through cunning and creativity, by using your deck of action cards curated through each playthrough. Make the most out of every card and every turn, your success depends on it.
Craft your perfect hero Even ultimate heroes need quality equipment. Collect and upgrade 'loadout' items in your collection and equip them to your heroes to gain the edge on your journey. Every advantage counts.
Choose your path The journey through Oni's Quest has many routes, it is up to you which way you take. Each offers different types of encounters, so choose wisely for your best chances of success. Will you take the safest path? The one with the chance of the richest rewards? Or perhaps you'll take the path best suited for a speed run or high score challenge? Every choice matters...
Every run is unique Each playthrough is procedurally generated, every encounter randomized so no two playthoughs will be the same. Stay ready for anything, you never know what awaits you in each encounter.
Complete challenges Challenges are the best way to earn rewards from playing Oni's Quest, and will change periodically. From speed runs, high scores, daily logins, defeating certain bosses or unlocking regions with a specific hero class, there will be plenty of obstacles to overcome and rewards to unlock.
Earn rewards Our vision is that by playing Oni's Quest, players may accrue rewards such as $YOH and in-game items.


As a Roguelike, every run is unique where all encounters, events, and more, are procedurally generated. This means that no two runs will ever be alike! Players will have to make clever choices and decisions to make the most of each situation, weighing the odds but never fully knowing what is around each corner.
Every playthrough is its own adventure, where defeat means starting your quest over. But as a twist on the traitional genre, the rewards you earn by playing Oni's Quest will persist - ready to help aid your hero in future attempts. Earn your rewards, boost your Hero, and try out new classes and card synergies every time if you want to truly master the game.


As a Deckbuilder, gameplay actions and combat mechanics all operate by the cards you have in your deck. Starting with a basic deck, you will have opportunities to add, remove, or upgrade cards in your deck during each play-through to help you face the challenges ahead!
Combining the charm of classic 'table-top' gameplay, randomization from card-draw, and the strategy that goes into curating a powerful deck, the Deckbuilder is a tremendously beloved cult-classic gaming genre that masters both creative gameplay mechanics and nostalgia.
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