Hero Loadouts

A good work person never blames their tools, but packing a demon glass katana never hurt...
After the full release of the game in 2023, the intention is that players will be able to boost their Heroes with a variety of 'loadout' items such as weapons, armor, charms, and companions from their collection of Yokai Kingdom digital collectibles.

Concept art teasers for the sorts of weapons and armor you can expect for each class:

Concept art for Ronin loadout items
Concept art for Ninja loadout items
Concept art for Sohei loadout items
Concept art for Worlokk loadout items
Class Specific Items: Each class has their own weapons and armor that provide bonuses such as to damage and health.
Upgrades & Tiers: Not all blades are forged equal... In the future, we intend to add a Crafting mechanic whereby items of the same kind can be fused to create more powerful and rare versions, giving you a sharper edge against the armies of the Void.
Rarer items will be more powerful and may even have enchantments to provide your hero with further in-game boosts.

Where can I get Loadout collectibles?

Loadout digital collectibles will be available through Lootboxes. These intended launch for these will be after the official game release.
Lootboxes will contain randomized rewards, given to the player after opening. Players will be able to acquire Lootboxes in exchange for $YOH, the native in-game token earned through gameplay.

What are the types of Loadout items?

Loadout items fall under the following categories:
  • Weapons - Class specific
  • Armor - Class specific
  • Charms - Can be equipped by any class
  • Companions - Can be equipped by any class
Assigning loadout collectibles to your heroes
Adding collectibles you hold from your Web3 wallet
Loadout item concept art cards