Genesis Collection

The original, playable digital collectible for the Yokai Kingdom game universe
The Genesis Collection is now sold out, but heroes can be purchased via secondary Marketplaces such as Opensea and Coinbase NFT
The Genesis Heroes collection includes 8,888 generative playable digital assets illustrated by international artist Geo Law. This collection is a limited supply and only 8,888 Genesis Heroes will ever exist. Genesis Heroes are not needed to play, but offer far greater player experiences.
These digital collectibles are the ultimate way to enjoy the Yokai Kingdom ecosystem, acting both like a founders pass, but also giving the holders the opportunity to play them in Oni's Quest. The heroes are formed from 4 different classes, each of which provides players with a difference in-game experience and choice of strategies.
Yokai Kingdom Genesis Hero Digital Collectibles


Every Yokai Kingdom Genesis Hero has a diverse set of features making every single one unique.
Heroes are created from ~1800 hand-drawn traits across 21 distinct character features for massive variety and uniqueness to each playable character, illustrated by Geo Law.
In addition to visual differences however, some traits have specific in-game effects, as follows:

Hero class

Not every Hero comes from the same walk of life. Each has a class, shown by the Class trait. These classes augment the players experience, giving them an entirely unique way to play!
There are four different classes: Ronin, Ninja, Sohei, and Worlokk
(See Hero classes for more information)
Hero Powers
Some Oni Heroes have special abilities known as Hero Powers. These are also built-in traits that populated when the Genesis collection was created. These traits will add a unique card to the players starting deck when they play with a Hero that Hero Power, giving players access to exclusive abilities and strategies!


Rarity is a built-in trait that affects not only how unique a Hero is, but will also affect some aspects of your in-game experience, such as rewards and the number of daily playthrough attempts they are allowed before becoming 'Fatigued'.
There are 4 rarities types: Common (4,996) Rare (3,000) Legendary (800) Mythic (88)
There are also (4) Special Edition 1/1's, created as very special collaborations with artists from partner projects when we launched. These also have superior stats, ranking above Mythic.
Note: This Rarity trait is separate from a rarity ranking that many public marketplaces use with their own criteria.