Oni's Quest Guide


Temples are dotted across each Region Map along the route of your choosing
Temples provide an opportunity to spend your Spirit Stones
Temples offer you with a chance to spend 'Spirit Stones' to help you survive what lies ahead in that playthrough. Spirit Stones are earned from battles, so picking a path with more battle encounters is riskier, but those extra spirit stones you earn, can make the difference between success and failure. Just remember, nothing is free, so choose wisely...
At the Temple, you have three ways to spend your in-game Spirit Stones:
Add Cards The Temple shop will have a selection of some cards you can add to your deck, for a price.
Remove Cards Take unwanted cards out of your deck, tightening your draw for better synergy
Buy Potions Consumable one-time-use items with all types of effects, giving you an edge in a pinch