Spirit Stones

The currency spend during each playthrough at the Temple shops
The mysterious crystals known as Spirit Stones are said to hold magical properties and can only be found in and around Spirit Mountain, the dormant volcano in the centre of Geoda.
Sought after by the Shopkeeper, you can trade these at the Temple for different boosts for each playthrough. Spirit Stones are typically earned by defeating enemies in combat.
Spirit Stones atop Spirit Mountain
In the hands of a skilled smith, they can be forged into devastating weapons and armour with magical properties. This material is known as Demon Glass. The Worlokks of Geoda have long studied the power behind the stones and are able to use them to wield magic and bless artifacts and charms to aid travellers and warriors on their quest.
Spirit Stones are found around, or even on, yōkai that have been Void cursed. The Spirit Stones seem to be of interest to the Worlokk of the Void which leads many to believe he is able to harness a hidden dormant power within them, only time will tell what the Spirit Stones are truly capable of.
NOTE: Unlike $YOH (which is a permanent on-chain asset that you will be able to earn by playing Oni's Quest once the full version of the game is launched), Spirit Stones are instead temporary and specific to each playthrough of the game. Your Spirit Stone balance is reset to zero at the start of each new playthrough, so spend them or lose them! However, if you are looking to get the highest score possible for your playthrough, then the number of Spirit Stones you have remaining is used to calculate your score.
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