Yokai Kingdom wants to give back more to players and reward them for their time
Players are able to earn rewards, primarily through gameplay, that help them get even more value out of playing Yokai Kingdom titles. This is typically in the form of the in-game token $YOH. Unlike Spirit Stones (which reset to zero at the start of each playthrough), $YOH is a permanent reward.
This ecosystem is designed for players to take the $YOH rewards that they have earned and spend them within the ecosystem how they wish.
There will be a number of ways for players to spend their accrued $YOH. Initially these will be on Lootboxes (containing randomised rewards such as loadout items) and allowing 'fatigued' Heros additional daily playthroughs. In future, new features such as Crafting will also allow players to fuse loadout items (+ YOH) for rarer, more powerful items.
For more info on Yoh, the Yokai Kingdom ecosystem, see the 'Utility' section under 'The Token ($YOH)' for more information

Earning rewards

The primary way to earn rewards is by completing Quests, a dynamic layer of special challenges.
Many of these achievements can be completed by everyone, regardless of whether or not they hold a Genesis Hero, although some Quests may require Genesis Heroes to complete. Each challenge can only be rewarded once, unless repeated for each eligible Genesis Hero.
Quests are available for a limited time until a new set of Quests are released on a regular basis. This gives players a fresh set of achievements, adding another layer of freshness to Oni's Quest.
Example Quests: 📅 "Log in to Oni's Quest for 7 consecutive days" 🌊 "Complete the 'Kami Coast' region as a Ninja with at least 45HP left" 💀 "Defeat 30 undead enemies in one playthrough"