Deck Cards

Your actions and moves are available as cards within your deck
Every hero class has an entirely unique deck of potential cards to acquire and draw from during your playthough of Oni's Quest.
Unlike many collectible card games (CCG's) you do not have to purchase deck cards in order play (and master) Oni's Quest. Instead, at the beginning of each playthough, your hero is given a small starting deck containing a mix of "strike" and "block" cards, plus a small number of class-specific starting cards. If your Genesis Collection hero collectible card also has a hero power, then your starting deck will include that ability card as well.
You can add, remove, and level up cards in your deck during each playthrough. These changes are not permanent however - when you start your next playthrough, your deck of available cards will reset back to the starting deck again.
Breakdown of deck cards

Deck Management

After each successful battle, you are given the choice between 3 randomly selected cards to add to your deck, as a reward. The chance of rarer and upgraded versions of these rewards increases the further that you progress through the regions of Geoda.
Additional cards can also be purchased from Temples in exchange for Spirit Stones. Here, you can also remove cards from your deck by spending Spirit Stones, if you wish.
All deck cards can be upgraded once. This can be done by training at Shrines for example.
Choose wisely - curating a powerful and strategic deck for each playthrough is essential to victory! Will you add all cards you find or try to remove cards instead for a smaller, more predictable deck?

Types of Cards

Your main form of offense, Attack cards primarily inflict damage to take down your enemies.
Supportive cards of all kinds such as giving your hero block, gain buffs, or apply debuffs to others.
Special abilities applied to your hero for the duration of that battle.
Negative cards added to your deck by events or enemies during combat. Learn more about curses
Over the course of each battle, the void energy within your hero will build as RAGE! culminating in the opportunity to add a special rage card to your hand, which could help turn the tide of battle...

Beta Launch deck cards by Hero Class

Ronin deck cards
Ninja deck cards
Sohei deck cards
Ronin deck cards