The most common encounter type, challenging your strength and strategy

Battle Encounter types

There are three types of Combat Encounters:
  • Common combat encounters are the most common, making up the majority of the Map.
  • Elite combat encounters are less common, offering greater difficulty and reward
  • Boss combat encounters occur once per Region, standing between you and moving on to the next region of the World Map at the end of each Region.

Combat 101

Combat in Oni's Quest is a card-based strategy where players and enemies each take a turn exchanging actions. The actions that you, the player, can take are determined by the deck you have curated and the cards that you draw each turn, but also by the Mana (aka Energy) that you have each turn to spend to play cards. Each turn, the player draws a set amount of cards and their energy meter is replenished.
Playing a card from your hand, requires mana. Once you are out of mana, it's the end of your turn and a chance for your enemies to do their worst. The mana cost of each deck card is shown in the top left, so choose wisely.
Tip: Playing a potion does not cost any mana
When you end your turn, the enemies will take theirs. All enemies have their own "deck" of actions that they can take. So while their possible abilities are generally consistent, the specific actions they take are not always so predictable. Plan your strategy each turn accordingly.


Block helps reduce negates incoming damage. Damage first subtracts from Block, before taking away health.
Beware however, Block is only temporary. It only lasts for that round and (in most cases) will reset again to zero at the start of your next turn. Think of it a bit like assuming a defensive, rather than attacking, stance.
Some special cards or damage types may avoid block.
The amount of health that the target will lose, after subtracting any Block value first (exemptions apply).
All of the cards that you have collected this playthrough and that are available to you in combat.
Draw pile
The stack of available cards that will be shuffled into your hand.
At the start of your turn, you will be dealt 5 new cards into your Hand from your Draw pile.
When your draw pile is exhausted, your Discard pile will be shuffled back into your Draw pile.
These are the playable cards that you can choose from, visible in the centre of the screen.
Discard pile
Whenever you play (or discard) a card, it is typically moved to your Discard pile, unless it is Exhausted (See below)
Exhausted cards are removed for the remainder of that battle encounter.
Health Points
Shown beneath your hero's card and those of your enemies. Don't let yours go to zero or that's the end of your adventure. Well, until your next playthrough anyway...
You need Mana (aka energy) in order to play cards from your hand each turn. The more powerful the card, the more mana it typically costs to play, but be wary of filling your deck with too many high mana cards as you may not be able to play as many...
Potions can be played during combat by opening your potion bag. Playing a potion does not cost any Mana. Your potion bag can hold up to 3 potions.
A temporary effect that can be positive (e.g. Strength) or negative (e.g. Vulnerable). View all statuses.
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