Do you have the strength and guile to defeat the Worlokk of the Void?
The Worlokk of the Void
The goal of Oni's Quest is to defeat the Worlokk of the Void and his armies of possessed Yokai so that peace can finally be returned peace to Geoda and the Oni's curse lifted. Players must fight through all of the different regions of Geoda, culminating in the final battle in Spirit Mountain.
Unlocking new regions in the World Map on your journey to Spirit Mountain
Within each of the 5 regions of Geoda, players will be able to choose the path they take on the Region Map - some paths may be more favourable than others, while harder paths can yield greater rewards and higher scores.
Example Region Map
Success is far from guaranteed. Because Oni's Quest is a Roguelike, every playthrough contains its own progression with endless re-playability as players attempt to get further each time by using new strategies, earning more powerful 'loadout items' for their hero and trying different hero classes. Use the diverse interplay between in-game and meta level progression to succeed!
After completing a playthrough of Oni's Quest, the player will receive their rewards and be able to start another run - assuming of course their hero is not exhausted. Each playthrough, will exhaust your hero, with a limit for the number of attempts that they can attempt each day.